Best The Tomorrow War (2021) Movies line and Trailer

Best The Tomorrow War (2021) Movies line and Trailer

dan foster save the world
Dan Forester:

The world is stunned when a group of time travelers arrives from the year 2051 to deliver an urgent message: thirty years in the future, mankind is losing a global war against a deadly alien species.

It was great, super entertaining, and easy on the brain. And considering this was an overall impressive, well put together the story - only the 3rd ever writing credit for newb Zach Dean, it shines in comparison to many other films I've seen lately written by seasoned filmmakers e.g. Soderbergh's No Sudden Move.
It flowed rather well, had great continuity, hardly any plot or technical issues, and it was well-paced for the normally too-long 140 min runtime, that time just flew by. I actually wanted more. Mad props to Dean for pulling off this impressive and fun sci-fi adventure summer blockbuster. Also, shout-out to novice director Chris McKay for the outstanding job in his 2nd ever full-length feature film.
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The Tomorrow Wa starred by Chris Pratt, Yvonne Strahovski.,Vicki Winslow. Betty Gilpin  and more

Forester: Did you tell it to die?

Dan Forester: Yeah.

James Forester: It worked. Why didn't you tell it sooner?

Dan Forester

Dan Forester: I'll never leave this family. Because my best future, it turns out, was always right in front of me.

Dan Forester: [to Emmy] I don't know what's gonna happen to me if I go, but you and I both know what will happen to all of us if I stay.

Dan Forester: [to Muri] I am not going to leave you here to die. I'm coming back for you. And you and me, we're gonna save this world. Together.

i am not hero

Muri forester

Second chance

Colonel Muri Forester: [to Dan] You need to make sure this never happens.

Dan Forester: [to Dorian] We're here to save people. We got to try.

James Forester: Did you tell it to die?

Dan Forester: Yeah.

James Forester: It worked. Why didn't you do it sooner?

Dan Forester: Yeah. Yeah. Let's just take a little break...

James Forester: So, how was the future? Miami Dolphins still suck?

Dan Forester: I need a plane... And a pilot... To fly undetected into Russian airspace, so I can get a team of soldiers to the top of a glacier island, in order to find... an alien spaceship.

James Forester: Wow, you know, they say ids never come by unless they need something...

Dan Forester: I need your help.

James Forester: I'll get my coat.

Forester quote

Dan Forester: [to Muri] You know what it takes to be the best. You got to say to yourself, "I will do what nobody else is willing to do".

Dan Forester: Second chances are really hard to come by.

Colonel Muri Forester: Nothing about this for me is sentimental. I didn't in any way bring you here because I wanted to spend time with my father. I brought you here for a reason.

Colonel Muri Forester: This is the end. Within the next few weeks, the human species will disappear from the face of the earth. We are literally living on borrowed time.

Dorian: If I'm gonna die...


Dorian: ... I'm gonna die my way!

Muri Forester this is end

Dan Forester: If there's one thing that the world needs right now, it's scientists. We cannot stop innovating. That's how you solve a problem.

James Forester: I wish Stevie Nicks would show up in her birthday suit with a jar of pickles and a bottle of baby oil.

Dan Forester: [to young Muri] I will be back.

Colonel Muri Forester: They have no use for prisoners or government, technology, money... nothing. We are food. And they are hungry.

Dan Forester

Dan Forester: [to Dorian] I'm not a hero. I was trying to save my daughter. If I got to save the world to save her, then I'm damn sure gonna do it.

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