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Top Mortal Kombat (2021) Quotes, Inspiring Images and Trailer 

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In 17th-century Japan, Lin Kuei assassins led by Bi-Han attack and kill members of the rival Shirai Ryu ninja clan and Hanzo Hasashi's wife and son. Hanzo kills the attackers before being killed by Bi-Han and taken to the Netherrealm. Raiden, the god of thunder, arrives and takes Hanzo's surviving infant daughter to safety.
In the present, the realm of Outworld has defeated Earthrealm in nine of ten deathmatch tournaments called "Mortal Kombat", intending to conquer it. However, an ancient prophecy is uncovered, stating that the "blood of Hanzo Hasashi" will unite a new generation of Earthrealm's champions to prevent Outworld's victory.
Inspiring Images Mortal Kombat 2021

Starred by lewis Tan, Jessica McNamee, Josh Lawson and Mehcad Brooks

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best quotes Mortal Kombat 2021

best quotes sonya blade Mortal Kombat 2021

best quotes Mortal Kombat 2021

best quotes Mortal Kombat 2021

Raiden: Let's see if you have what it takes.



Jax: [struggling to make use of his new arms] I'm useless. Why even bring me here? I can't help.

Sonya Blade: On my first day of training, we had to run 20 miles. I thought I was gonna die. I wanted to quit, but all I ever wanted was to be accepted by you as an elite fighter. You remember what you told me? "Either you keep going and you prove to yourself that you can do this or regret it for the rest of your life."

Jax: You trying to tell me something, soldier?

Sonya Blade: Get off your ***ing ass, Major.

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best quotes Mortal Kombat 2021 Taiden


Liu Kang: Unlike Kung Lao, I was just a worthless stray. For reasons beyond my ken, Master Bo' Rai Cho found me half-dead in the gutter and brought me to the Wu Shi Academy. There, I was given a purpose. A brother... Kung Lao. And I met Lord Raiden, who Kung Lao and I have served together. Upon graduation, I was given a name of a man. He was a purveyor of rare things. Children. Orphans like me. He had a marking. So, I chose to take it from him. And in that moment, my arcana came forth.


Kano: [after getting leg-sweep by Liu Kang over and over again] Is that the only move you know, mate?


Raiden: [to Shang Tsung, after Cole returns to the temple] Thank you for helping my fighter find his arcana.


Raiden: After 4000 years, the Hasashi bloodline still lives on... Bi-Han.

best quotes Mortal Kombat 2021 scorpion

Jax: I've done six tours, mother***er!


Kano: New guy, get me out of here. I could help you.

Cole Young: Just stay put.

Kano: I was about to go for a stroll, but maybe I'll stick around, you ****ing idiot!


Shang Tsung: [Sending Nitara after Kung Lao] Now destroy him, my beauty!

 Shang Tsung: Next time I see you, I will not bring fighters. I will bring armies


Liu Kang: It must come from your soul. Whatever it is that drives you.


Cole Young: So, how did you find your arcana?


Liu Kang: You're like... an aggressive little bunny. Soft and useless. Angry mentally, physically.

Liu Kang: You should be on your knees before this man.


Kano: [standing up] I've a better idea. How about you two get on your knees and take turns sucking my sack? Do you have any ****ing idea who you're talking to? I'm wanted in over 35 countries for shit you ***ing ballerinas couldn't even imagine!


Kano: [to Kung Lao] Well, how about I take that stupid ****ing sombrero you're wearing, shove it so far up your ass, you start speaking Spanish.


Cole Young: (sees the Mortal Kombat photo)The word "combat" isn't even spelt right.


Sonya Blade: [describing Kano to Cole] He's a mercenary with The Black Dragon clan. Arms dealer, drug runner, murder-for-hire, scum of the Earth.

best quotes Sonya Blade 2021


Liu Kang: All you can do now is test your might. We have no time to lose. You must unlock your arcana.


Cole Young: [pleading with Raiden] They tried to kill my family. Help us.


Raiden: There's nothing for you here. Only death.


Cole Young: Well, I'm willing to die for my family.


best quotes mortal Kombat 2021

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