Best Wrath of Man (2021) Movie Quotes and inspiring Lines

Best Wrath of Man (2021) Movie Quotes and  inspiring  Lines 

everything comes at price H jason statham


Patrick Hill begins work at Portico Security, an armoured truck company. After being commanded by superior Terry for his references, he is introduced to Bullet, who nicknames him "H" and oversees his training. H gets off to a rocky start with his colleagues, particularly Boy Sweat Dave, over his mysterious nature.

 Stars by Jason Statham, Holt McCallany, Josh Hartnett

Jason statham H inspiring Qiuotes

Bullet: I like the way you handle that cart. Where'd you learn that technique?

H: I spent a lot of time at supermarkets. Shopping.
H: You alright Dave? Or did you make poo-poo?
Moggy: Understood, but we've scorched the earth.
H: No, it's not understood. You started by saying you'd do anything, but what I'm hearing is you think you've done everything.
Mike: Understood.
Kill or be killed

Bullet: Godfrey, H. H, Godfrey.
Bank Guard (Desk): H.
H: Godfrey.
Tom: Strange things happen to men when they smell that much cash
Bullet: He's a dark ***ing spirit.

H: I can do in two days what you wish you could have done in two years

Bra:'Everything comes at a price.

.H:'I want your liver. Your lungs. Your spleen.

Bullet: It’s worth getting to know Dave. He’s quite entertaining in an unintentional kind of way.
Hollow Bob: Yeah. He once killed a hamster because he squeezed it too tight.
Bullet: And he can’t write without sticking his tongue out.

Jason Statham Wrath of man

Terry: We’re not federal. We’re essentially middlemen. Hundreds of millions shifting through here every week. We got twelve trucks, two, or three guards in each. A driver, a messenger, and a guard, each moving up to fifteen miles a day, and sometimes more, which can attract unwanted attention. I won’t lie. It can be dangerous, which is why we train you properly and pay the premium rates, so we can all sleep better at night.

Terry: But just so you know, we lost a couple of guards a while back. Killed on the job. A civilian too. A f*ing tragedy. And they still haven’t found the scum who did it.

Bullet: Let’s see. Hill. Hill. H. I’m going to call you H if that’s okay? They call me Bullet, which is ironic because I certainly don’t move like one.

Jason statham H inspiring Qiuotes

Bullet: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new addition. May I introduce H?

Bullet: You good?
H: Yeah. Why, don’t I look it?
Bullet: No, buddy. You look like a shrink-wrapped Rolls-Royce, in contrast to this car crash

Armourer: I need you to love it, respect it, and bring it back in one piece.
H: Do they want us back in one piece too?
Armourer: Do you have a problem?
H: I don’t know. Do I?

Bullet: He’s H. Armourer: H? Bullet: Like the bomb. Or like Jesus H. Armourer: Well, if you can mushroom cloud, or walk on water, what you worried about machine guns for?

Bullet: You’re going to love him, Dave. He’s got that exotic European thing working for him. It’ll take you a while to dial in.
Dana: Hasn’t taken me very long.
Jason statham H inspiring Qiuotes

H: You don’t want to do this, you can get out of the truck now. But we’re not leaving him behind. He’s one of us. It’s only money. In short, I’m getting him back.

FBI Agent Hubbard: What about your firearms experience? Your shooting was unambiguously precise, yet your training scores were decidedly average.
FBI Agent Okey: Barely even passed.
H: Kill or be killed. Seemed to focus the mind.

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