Best inspiring Witcher TV show's Images Quotes and deep lines

Best inspiring Quotes from The Witcher TV show

Best inspiring Quotes from The Witcher TV show

The Witcher is a Polish-American fantasy drama streaming television series created by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, based on the book series of the same name by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. Set on a fictional, medieval-inspired landmass known as "the Continent",

Inspiring Witcher quotes

 The Witcher explores the legend of Geralt of Rivia and princess Ciri, who are linked to each other by destiny. It stars Henry Cavill, Freya Allan, and Anya Chalotra. The first season consisted of eight episodes and was released on Netflix in its entirety on December 20, 2019. It was based on The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny, which are collections of short stories that precede the main Witcher saga. Before the first season had been released, Netflix announced a second eight-episode season to be released in late 2021

Main Character::

Jodhi May as Queen Calanthe, ruler of the Kingdom of Cintra and grandmother of Princess Cirilla.
Adam Levy as Mousesack, the court druid of Cintra and advisor to Queen Calanthe.
Bj√∂rn Hlynur Haraldsson as King Eist Tuirseach, husband to Queen Calanthe and step-grandfather of Cirilla.
Lars Mikkelsen as Stregobor, resident mage in the town of Blaviken and the Rector of Ban Ard, the academy for male mages.
Therica Wilson-Read as Sabrina Glevissig, a sorceress who trained alongside Yennefer.
Terence Maynard as Artorius Vigo, court mage from Toussaint and uncle of Fringilla.
Judit Fekete as Vanielle of Brugge, a sorceress and one of the mages who fought during the Battle of Sodden Hill.
Gianni Calchetti as Lord Hern, Geralt of Rivia's court.

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Inspiring Witcher quotes

Mousesack: Money can’t undo the Law of Surprise. Kings who’s tried to outbid destiny end up on pikes?

Queen Calanthe: And if I win the war, but lose Ciri, what victory is that?



Geralt of Rivia: [to Calanthe] Call it destiny, security, what larger forces at work, I don’t care. I will take her, protect her, and bring her back unharmed, I promise you that.



Geralt of Rivia: First, you try to kill me, then you lie to me. I’m just trying to keep Cirilla safe.

Queen Calanthe: Ciri is safe, with me, until the day she takes over my throne.

Inspiring Witcher quotes

Jaskier: Well, who knows? Maybe someone out there will want you.

Geralt of Rivia: I need no one. And the last thing I want is someone needing me.

Jaskier: And yet, here we are.

Geralt of Rivia: Doesn’t rhyme. All good predictions rhyme. 

Queen Calanthe: Why would I give my only heir to someone who never cared enough to come back for her? Move along, Witcher. I’ll pay whatever you want.

Geralt of Rivia: I can’t be bought. You should remember.

Inspiring Witcher quotes

Jaskier: Do you mind if I hop up there? It's just that I'm not wearing the right footwear.
Geralt of Rivia: Don't touch Roach.

Jaskier: Geralt? Geralt? Wh-Where are you going? Geralt, don't leave me. Hello? What are we looking for again?
Geralt of Rivia: Blessed silence.

Geralt of Rivia: Sometimes there are monsters, sometimes there's money. Rarely both. That's life.

Tissaia de Vries: You take weeks to lift your stone. You can't bend water. You struggle to perform the simplest physical tasks. And now you lie to me? Your worst fear makes such sense. Even if you were a beauty, still no one would love you.

Tissaia de Vries: What you did there was pathetic and dangerous.
Yennefer: Felt pretty powerful to me.
Tissaia de Vries: There are mages like Sabrina who ignore their emotions. And then there are mages like us who are consumed by them.
Yennefer: Like us...

Inspiring Witcher quotes

Eist: Well, you weren't there. After Pavetta died, Calanthe would wake up howling in the night. The Lioness, nearly broken. Someone who's able to pull themselves out of that, they'll have my confidence till my final day.
Much More [1.08][edit]
Geralt of Rivia: People linked by destiny will always find each other.

Giltine: [to Yennefer] Let me be candid. You are a first draft of what nature intended, yes? Lucky for you, I’m the final artist. Every girl I enchant leaves Aretuza a living work of art. Hmm? No matter how challenging the clay.

Inspiring Witcher quotes

Jaskier: This is the part where we escape.
Geralt of Rivia: This is the part where they will us.

Geralt of Rivia: Chaos is the same as it's always been. Humans just adapted better.

Filavandrel: You think this is about pride? My elders worked with humans and got robbed of all they had. And when they fought back, they were slaughtered. "The Great Cleansing", humans call it. I call it digging a mass grave for everyone I loved.

Filavandrel: I was once Filavandrel of the Silver Towers. Now I'm Filavandrel of the Edge of the World.

Geralt of Rivia: If you must kill me... I am ready. But Sylvan's right. Don't call me human.

Geralt of Rivia: That's not how it happened. Where's your newfound respect?
Jaskier: Respect doesn't make history.

Inspiring Witcher quotes

Inspiring Witcher quotes

Yennefer of Vengerberg: I've never been shy a day in my life.

Geralt of Rivia: That's cheating.
Yennefer of Vengerberg: Nobody smart plays fair.

Jaskier: Are you perhaps short of a marble?!

Geralt of Rivia: Maybe that army won't come, and if they do, maybe you'll be ready. But if you have any doubt in your mind that she's safe here, give her to me. Call it destiny, security, what larger forces at work, I don't care. I will take her, protect her, and bring her back unharmed, I promise you that.

Queen Calanthe: Queen to all of Cintra, grandmother to one.

Inspiring Witcher quotes

Queen Calanthe: Lesson number two: know when it's time to stop moving.

Queen Calanthe: In the face of the inevitable, Cirilla, good leaders should always choose mercy. In the future, you will be wise to do the same.

Renfri: The girl in the woods will be with you always. She's your destiny.
Four Marks
Jaskier: I love the way you just... sit in the corner and brood.

Jaskier: Come on, you must have some review for me. Three words or less.
Geralt: They don't exist.

Yennefer: You should've let me die. At least I had control over that.
Tissaia de Vries: Oh that's adorable, piglet. You weren't taking control. You were losing it.

Inspiring Witcher quotes

Jaskier [singing]: Toss a coin to your Witcher, O Valley of Plenty
Betrayer Moon 
King Foltest: (after Geralt hands him Renfri's brooch) What is this?
Geralt: For the Princess. If I can lift the curse.
King Foltest: You're giving me this because you do not expect to see morning.
Geralt: This isn't my first time trying to save a princess who others see as a monster.
King Foltest: What happened to that princess?
Geralt: I killed her.

Ostrit: [whimpering] Please forgive me. It was Foltest. It was his fault. I loved your mother...
Of Banquets, Bastards, and Burials 
Calanthe: Perhaps our esteemed guest can entertain us with how he slew the elves at the edge of the world?

Geralt: Did you sing to her when she left you?
Jaskier: I did, actually, and she... why? What are you implying? (Geralt stares back) Oh, we are so having this conversation. Come on, Geralt. Tell me. Be honest. How's my singing?
Geralt: It's like ordering a pie and finding it has no filling.
Jaskier: (visibly taken aback) You... need a nap!

Inspiring Witcher quotes

Tissaia de Vries: Chaos is the most dangerous thing in this world. It's all around us all the time. Volatile and powerful. But... each one of you showed an aptitude for channelling it. Your conduit moment created a new ripple in chaos, reaching me here in Aretuza.

Tissaia de Vries: Magic is organizing chaos. And while oceans of mystery remain, we have deduced that this requires two things. Balance and control. Without them, chaos will kill you.

Tissaia de Vries: There is no conjuring something from nothing. There is a give and there is a take.

Tissaia de Vries: Sometimes a flower is just a flower. And the best thing it can do for us is to die.

Inspiring Witcher quotes

Queen Calanthe: If we must do this now, here's your first lesson. As in life, it is impossible always to be fully prepared for battle. Keep your sword close, and keep moving.

Renfri: People call you a monster too.
Geralt of Rivia: A mutant.
Renfri: What if they come after you? Attack you?
Geralt of Rivia: They have.
Renfri: Why not kill them?
Geralt of Rivia: Because then... I am what they say I am.

inspiring Quotes from The Witcher

Renfri: More and more, I find monsters wherever I go.

Geralt of Rivia: A reclusive sorcerer who uses alias and hires a young girl to procure him a witcher. You don't want my monster. You want me to kill yours.

Geralt of Rivia: Wizards are all the same. You talk nonsense while making wise and meaningful faces.

King Foltest: I did try to resist, at first, with Adda. We both did. For all it brightens, love casts long shadows. I envy you. To live and never have to fall in love.

inspiring Quotes from The Witcher

Stregobor: Have you ever heard of the Curse of the Black Sun? First full eclipse in 1,200 years. It marked the imminent return of Lilit, demon goddess of the night sent to exterminate the human race. According to the wise mage Eltibald, Lilit's path was to be prepared by 60 women wearing gold crowns who'd fill the river valleys with blood.
Geralt of Rivia: Hm. Doesn't rhyme. All good predictions rhyme.

Geralt of Rivia: Evil is evil, Stregobor. Lesser, greater, middling... it's all the same. I'm not judging you. I haven't only done well in my life either. But now, if I have to choose between one evil and another, then I prefer not to choose at all.

inspiring Quotes from The Witcher

Dryad General: We all make decisions. The sword of destiny has two edges.

Ciri: What does that mean?

Dryad General: You must make the choice. You can stay. Or you can continue on your search. What do you want to do?


Stregobor: Not often do we see your likeness here in Blaviken.

Geralt of Rivia: Not many of my likeness left.

Stregobor: I’d offer you my condolences, but I seem to remember that witchers don’t feel anything.



Geralt of Rivia: Take my advice. No treasure is worth dying for.

Borch Three Jackdaws: Depends on the treasure. What I need is a new adventure. One final first before I’m too old to do anything but die.

Geralt of Rivia: And you think killing a dragon will bring you that?



Borch Three Jackdaws: You feel it just the same as me, that hole inside you. That itch that can’t be scratched that burns your brain, keeps you awake at night. Come with me. I’ll show you what you’re missing.

Geralt of Rivia: What am I missing?

Jaskier: No one else hesitated to comment on the quality of my performance, except for you. Come on. You don’t want to keep a man with bread in his pants waiting. You must have some review for me. Three words or less.

Geralt of Rivia: They don’t exist.

Jaskier: What don’t exist?

Geralt of Rivia: The creatures in your song.

Queen Calanthe: I warned you about coming back.

Geralt of Rivia: I’ve been away twelve years, and I’d planned on staying that way, till you sent eight men to kill me.

Mousesack: You’ve come for your Child of Surprise, haven’t you?

Geralt of Rivia: The opposite. I want you to tell me that he’s safe and healthy so I can keep on riding.

Mousesack: He is a girl.

Jaskier: I can hear it now, a tale of two Zerrikanians, and their valiant poet lover. Oh! We’re so doing this. We’re in.

Geralt of Rivia: You’ve wasted your breath, Borch. I don’t kill dragons.

inspiring Quotes from The Witcher

Yurga: If I was a robber, I’d be taking their belongings, Butcher.

Geralt of Rivia: If I was a butcher, you’d be amongst the corpses.



Yurga: With the hands of two, I could move quicker.

Geralt of Rivia: The only thing you should do quickly flees.

Geralt of Rivia: Listen to me.

Queen Calanthe: I did listen once. Let a hedgehog into my court. It got me Pavetta dead. I won’t lose Ciri too. So you and destiny can both right ***  off.

Tissaia: There’s nothing like a higher purpose to permit men to do the unspeakable.

Young Alderman: But it’s all any of us have left. We have to defend it.

Sabrina: That’s heroic.

Yennefer: And stupid.

Geralt of Rivia: Not a happy ever after, after all. a fitting end, huh, Roach?

Yurga: Don’t leave! Look at these people. Innocent people, killed for what? So Nilfgaard can have more land? We owe it to them to do better.

Geralt of Rivia: I’m not better.

Yennefer: How is it that I’ve walked this earth for decades without coming across a witcher, and then the first one I meet, I can’t get rid of?

inspiring Quotes from The Witcher

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