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Andrew Carnegie was a Scottish-American industrialist and philanthropist. Carnegie led the expansion of the American steel industry in the late 19th century and became one of the richest Americans in history. He became a leading philanthropist in the United States and in the British

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We live in a heroic age. Not seldom are we thrilled by deeds of heroism where men or women are injured or lose their lives in attempting to preserve or rescue their fellows; such are the heroes of civilisation. The false heroes of barbarism maimed or killed theirs.

 —Letter to the Trustees of the Hero Fund, Dunfermline, September 21, 1908.

Don't worry yourself overwork, hold yourself in reserve.

Let us never forget that under present conditions the world has grown and is growing better, and we steadily approach nearer the ideal. Never was there so much of the spirit of brotherhood among men, never so much kindness, never so much help extended by men, and especially by women, to their less fortunate fellows. 

—-Problems of Today, page 52.

Still, there is a wide province for faith. If it does not exactly remove mountains nowadays, it at least enables us to tunnel them, which is much the same thing as far as practical results are concerned.

"I never regard trifles," says the so-called practical man. Neither would the philosopher if he were not so wise as to know that mortals have no means of divining what is a trifle in the mysterious drama of life.

Inspiring Andrew Carnegie

It is not, therefore, to the savage past that we should look for guidance. The part of wisdom is to hold fast to that which has proved itself good and to keep on as we have been doing. Marching upward, the race is not led by the multitude but by the few exceptional natures.

They tell me everywhere that Scotland is a small country. That depends on how you measure it. If measured by the influence this gem of a land wields throughout the world her most patriotic son has no reason to be dissatisfied with her size.

Inspiring Andrew Carnegie quote about worry

No millionaire will go far wrong in his search for one of the best forms for the use of his surplus who chooses to establish a free library in any community that is willing to maintain and develop it.

If there is anything calculated to make man thankful for the blessings which he enjoys in this last quarter of the nineteenth century, it is the study of the conditions of life under which our ancestors lived.

To leave at death what he cannot take away, and place upon others the burden of the work which it was his own duty to perform, is to do nothing worthy.

The miser millionaire who hoards his wealth does less injury to society than the careless millionaire who squanders his unwisely, even if he does so under cover of the mantle of sacred charity.

Temperance and thrift are virtues that act and react upon each other, strengthening both, and are seldom found apart.

The name philanthropist is a very dubious one to apply to anyone. ... It usually means a man who has more money than sense. Now my sympathies go out to those who help themselves. . . .

It does not matter much what branch of effort your tastes or judgment draw you to, the one great point is that you should be drawn to someone branch. Then perform your whole duty in it and a little more—the "little more" being vastly important.

Inspiring Andrew Carnegie quote about success

The traveller. . .will learn, too, if he is observant, that very little is required after all to make mankind happy, and that the prizes of life worth contending for are, generally speaking, within the reach of the great maas.

You cannot push anyone up a ladder unless he is willing to climb a little himself

Inspiring Andrew Carnegie quote about the miser

Concentrate your mind and effort upon one pursuit. It does not matter much what that pursuit is, so that it be useful and honourable, and be the first authority in that.

We hear far too much these days upon the subject of wealth as the main object of life. Only by the manual working man and poorer classes is money regarded as the great idol of our age, before which all fall prostrate, and this simply because it is their one pressing want and its acquisition their life work.

If I have any aspiration in the world it is that during my life I may do something ... to bring about the union of the two great branches of the same people with which I have the honour and the privilege to be connected.

We officiate today at the beginning of its career. Who shall venture to paint its history or its end? It is built to stand for ages, and during these ages, it is probable that this hall will intertwine itself with the history of our country. All good causes may find here a platform; here may be celebrated the triumphs—I trust only the peaceful triumphs—of the Republic.

Inspiring Andrew Carnegie quote about concentration

Let us rid ourselves of thinking that there are good nations who abhor war and bad nations who lie in wait for an opportunity to attack the weak. In our day the peaceful development of nations is their most profitable policy.

by those who can lift themselves above the narrow view . of what is seemingly best for any one or two of the geographical divisions of the world, and regard what is best for the race aS a Whole.

When war ceases, the sense of human brotherhood will be strengthened, and "Heroism" will no longer mean to kill, but only to serve or save our fellows.

Education is everywhere a sure destroyer of privilege. The boy who can read the Declaration of Independence may be trusted to feel its force sooner or later.

Inspiring Andrew Carnegie quote about nations

Put all your eggs in one basket, and then watch that basket.

Inspiring Andrew Carnegie quote about gratefulness

But there is a fourth class, higher than all the preceding, who worship neither at the shrine of wealth nor fame, but at the noblest of all shrines, the shrine of service—service to the race. Self-abnegation is its watchword. Members of this inner and higher circle seek not popular applause, are concerned not with being popular, but With being right.

The progress of the world has not only been slow but small, till the profession of arms, as it is called, is held to be unfit except for men of brutal natures.

Inspiring Andrew Carnegie quote about millionaires

The administrator of wealth makes good use of a part of his surplus if he replaces that building with a permanent structure of brick, stone, or granite, up whose sides the honeysuckle and columbine may climb, and from whose tower the sweet-tolling bell may sound. The millionaire should not figure how cheaply this structure can be built, but how perfect it can be made. If he has the money, it should be made a gem, for the educating influence of a pure and noble specimen of architecture, built, as the pyramids were built, to stand for ages, is not to be measured by dollars. Every farmer's home, heart, and mind in the district will be influenced by the beauty and grandeur of the church; and many a bright boy, gazing enraptured upon its richly coloured windows and entranced by the celestial voice of the organ, will there receive his first message from and in spirit be carried away to the beautiful and enchanting realm which lies far from the material and prosaic conditions which surround him in this workaday world—a real world, this new realm, vague and undefined though its boundaries are. Once within its magic circle, its denizens live there an inner life more precious than the external, and all their days and all their ways, their triumphs and their trials, and all they see, and all they hear, and all they think, and all they do, are hallowed by the radiance which shines from afar upon this inner life, glorifying everything, and keeping all right within. —The Gospel o£ Wealth, page 40.

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