Best Francis I of France Inspiring Sayings and Image Quotes

Best Francis I of France Inspiring quotes

Francis I quote

King of France; born at Cognac, Sept. 12, 1494; succeeded his cousin Louis XII., 1515; conquered the Milanese the same year; was a candidate for the imperial crown, which Charles V. obtained, and formed a league with England and the Pope against Francis, who was defeated at Pavia, 1525, and taken prisoner; confined in Madrid until 1526, when he continued the war until 1529, and later until 1544; promoted science, art, and literature; died March 1547.
Francis I quote

I can make nobles when I will, and even great lords: God alone can make a man like him whom we are going to lose

Let him who loves me follow me!

All is lost save honour.

Francis I quote

Such is our good pleasure

(The careless answer of a pleasure-loving king became the formula by which his successors indicated their approval of legislative enactments.)

The women change, Foolish the man who trusts her.

Francis I quote

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