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Best Training Day quotes
A former Los Angeles security guard named Jake Hoyt has applied for an LAPD position as a Narcotics Officer. However, in order to be accepted, he must go through approximately 24 hours of training from a veteran Narcotics officer. then it began a great battle between evil and goodness.

Best Training Day quotes

Alonzo Harris: [to the residents of The Jungle] Aww, you motherfuckers. Okay. Alright. I'm putting cases on all you bitches. Huh. You think you can do this shit... Jake. You think you can do this to me? You motherfuckers will be playing basketball in Pelican Bay when I get finished with you. SHU program, nigga. 23-hour lockdown. I'm the man up in this piece. You'll never see the light of... who the fuck do you think you're fucking with? I'm the police, I run shit around here. You just live here. Yeah, that's right, you better walk away. Go on and walk away... 'cause I'm gonna' burn this motherfucker down. King Kong ain't got shit on me. That's right, that's right. Shit, I don't, fuck. I'm winning anyway, I'm winning... I'm winning any motherfucking way. I can't lose. Yeah, you can shoot me, but you can't kill me.

Alonzo Harris: [to Jake] To protect the sheep you gotta catch the wolf, and it takes a wolf to catch a wolf.

Alonzo Harris: [in a steakhouse restaurant] Why the long face, Doug? Feds seize your house?

Doug Rosselli: Fuck yourself, Alonzo.

Alonzo: [on the phone talking to Smiley] Make sure that bathtub is clean, homey.

[Jake gets in car]

Alonzo: It behooves you not to dick around on this one. Justifiable homicide in the line of duty? What happened was...

Best Training Day quotes
Jake: What happened was murder... and armed robbery. Wait, we had badges, so it's different?

Alonzo: Open your eyes, son. Can't you see?

Jake: That man was your friend, and you killed him like a fly.

Alonzo: Why is he my friend, because he knows my first name? Roger sold dope to kids. The world is a better place without him. This man was the biggest major violator in Los Angeles. This is the game. I'm playing his ass. That's my job. That's your job. I watched that cocksucker operate with impunity for over 10 years, and now I got him. The shit's chess, it ain't checkers. What, we all of a sudden gonna roll up in a black-and-white? Come on, man, take the money.

Jake: I told you, I'm not gonna take that money.

Alonzo: All right, burn it, barbecue it, fish-fry it, I don't give a fuck. But the boys'll feel better about it.

Jake: Fuck their feelings.

Alonzo: You're not making them feel like you're part of the team.

Jake: The team? You guys are fuckin' insane. All right, I'll go back to the Valley. I'll cut parking tickets. Why does it have to be this way?

Alonzo: I'm sorry I exposed you to it, but it is. It's ugly, but it's necessary... Sometimes you gotta have a little dirt on you for anybody to trust you.


Alonzo Harris: [referring to his shotgun that's his holding to find to Jake, somewhere in Sara's apartment] You know I'm surgical with this bitch, Jake. How do you want it, dog? Closed casket? Remember that fool in the wheelchair? How do you think he got there?

Roger: [in his home] Here's a joke, boy. One day this man walks out of his house to go to work. He sees this snail on his porch. So he picks it up and chucks it over his roof, into the back yard. Snail bounces off a rock, cracks its shell all to shit, and lands in the grass. Snail lies there dying. But it doesn't die. It eats some grass. Slowly heals. Grows a new shell. And after a while, it can crawl again. One day the snail up and heads back to the front of the house. Finally, after a year, the little guy crawls back on the porch. Right then, the man walks out to go to work and sees this snail again. So he says to it, 'What the fuck's your problem?'

Jake Hoyt: That's messed up. That wasn't funny.

Alonzo Harris: Then why are you cackling like a jackal?

Jake Hoyt: I dunno.
Best Training Day quotes

Roger: Figure that joke out and you'll figure the streets out.

Jake Hoyt: [referring to Alonzo letting go two would-be rapists and letting the victim's cousin exact revenge on them] That's street justice.

Alonzo Harris: [while driving in his Monte Carlo] What's wrong with street justice?

Jake Hoyt: Oh, what, so just let the animals wipe themselves out, right?

Alonzo Harris: God willing. Fuck 'em, and everybody that looks like 'em.

Alonzo Harris: [to Roger] You wouldn't mind if I have some of your three thousand dollar-a-glass shit there, would you?
Best Training Day quotes

Alonzo Harris: [while inserting confiscated marijuana into a confiscated pipe] To be truly effective, a good narcotics agent must know and love narcotics. In fact, a good narcotics agent should have narcotics in his blood.
Best Training Day quotes

Jake Hoyt: Are you gonna smoke that?

Alonzo Harris: No, you are.

Jake Hoyt: [laughs] Hell if I am.

Alonzo Harris: You not gon' smoke it?

Jake Hoyt: Naw, man. I became a narc to rid the streets of dopers, not to be one.

Alonzo Harris: Come on, man, take a hit.

Jake Hoyt: Naw, man.

Alonzo Harris: [Slams brakes] Yeah, right. If I was a drug dealer, you'd be dead by now, motherfucker. You turn shit down on the streets, and the chief brings your wife a crisply folded flag. What the fuck's wrong with you? Talking about - You know what? I don't want you in my unit. I don't even want you in my division. Get the fuck out of the car. Go back to the Valley, rookie.

Jake Hoyt: All right, I'll smoke it.

Best Training Day quotes
Alonzo: [bruised and bloodied, and turns his head back to see Jake pointing a gun at him while dragging away from him with a lit cigarette in his mouth] , you gonna bust your cherry killing a cop? You know what you get for that, Jake? The gas chamber. You know what the gas chamber smells like? Pine oil. I'ma send you to a pine oil heaven. I'ma get that gun and I'ma get that gun and I'm going to get that money, and you're not going to shit because you're not going to shoot a cop in the back.

[Hoyt just smoked some weed]

Alonzo Harris: When was the last time you smoked weed?

Jake Hoyt: High school... We were...

Alonzo Harris: Smoking weed.

Jake Hoyt: Right.

Alonzo Harris: Right.

Alonzo Harris: [to Jake] Now, whenever you think of pullin' the trigger, you think of him first. 'Cuz if you don't, he'll snatch your fuckin' nuts out and use 'em for dice.

Jake Hoyt: [before entering Sandman's house] If he's not here, why are we here?

Alonzo Harris: We're here to serve this warrant.

Jake Hoyt: C'mon, man. We can't do that.

Alonzo Harris: Yes, hell we can. We're the police, we can do what the fuck we wanna do.

Jake Hoyt: Shouldn't we go get a real warrant?

Alonzo Harris: We're trying to get shit done. Just stand over there and don't get me killed, all right, new guy?

Alonzo Harris: One time. What's up Bone?

Bone: What's up, Alonzo? - What's happenin' with you, Damu?

Alonzo Harris: It's all good.

Bone: I wanna tell you man: I appreciate what you did for my nephew, that's some real shit.

Alonzo Harris: For sure. For sure.

[Alonzo walks away]

Bone: I'm sick of this shit I can't stand that motherfucker.

Roger: Hoyt. Hoyt. Hoyt... Strong Saftey. North High. I follow all the good players.

Best Training Day quotes

Alonzo Harris: [in a coffee shop] Get some chow in you before we go to the office, my dollar.

Jake Hoyt: Thank you sir, but I ate...

Alonzo Harris: Fine, don't.

Jake Hoyt: It's nice here.

Alonzo Harris: May I read my paper?

Jake Hoyt: I'm sorry, sir, I...

Alonzo Harris: Thank you.

Jake Hoyt: You know what, I'll get something to eat.

Alonzo Harris: No. Hell no you won't, you fucked that up. I'm trying to read my paper. Please, shut up.

Jake Hoyt: I sure won't mind roasting in a black-and-white all day.

Alonzo Harris: Tell me a story, Hoyt.

Jake Hoyt: My story?

Alonzo Harris: No, not your story. A story. Because you can't keep your mouth shut long enough for me to read my paper. Tell me a story.

Jake Hoyt: I don't think I know any stories.
Best Training Day quotes

Alonzo Harris: You don't know any stories? Okay, I'll tell you a story. This is a newspaper. It's 90 per cent bullshit, but it's entertaining. That's why I read it, because it entertains me. You won't let me read it, so you entertain me with your bullshit. Tell me a story, right now.

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