Sausage Party (2016) Trailer and Top Movie Lines

Sausage Party (2016) Trailer and Top Movie Quotes

Sausage Party (2016) Trailer and Top Movie Quotes

The products at Shopwell's Grocery Store are made to believe a code that helps them live happy lives until it's time for them to leave the comfort of the supermarket and head for the great beyond. However, after a botched trip to the great beyond leaves one sausage named Frank and his companion Bun stranded, Frank goes to great lengths (pun intended) to return to his package and make another trip to the great beyond. But as Frank's journey takes him from one end of the supermarket to the other, Frank's quest to discover the truth about his existence as a sausage turns incredibly dark. Can he expose the truth to the rest of the supermarket and get his fellow products to rebel against their human masters?

Toilet Paper: Oh, no! This is not good!

Sammy: Fifty-five minutes.
Brenda: I know. Where is he?
Lavash: [laughs] Looks like you got ditched, bun!
Brenda: He wouldn't ditched me, dumbass. He's my boyfriend. I mean, we touched T-I-P's.

Mr. Grits: Jesus fucking Christ!
Firewater: Hey, fellas. You think what I'm thinking?
Twink: Ready fucking sure I am.
Mr. Grits: Oh, shit.

Sausage Party (2016)  Top Movie Quotes

Mr. Grits: We're the Non-Perishables, motherfucker.
Twink: We never expired.
Firewater: We are... Immortal. This here's Twink and Grits.
Mr Grits: They call me Mr Grits.
Firewater: Eh, Mr Grits. Whatever.
Mr Grits: Talking about crackers.

Sausage Party (2016)  Top Movie Quotes

Brenda: First, I fell out of the cart, then I lose Frank. And now, I'm being hunted by a douche. The god must be punishing me, don't you see? This is what I get for giving in to my disgusting urges. I'm such a whore.
Teresa: Sweet bun, I must admit I too something urges, impure thoughts. We all do.
Brenda: Oh. Oh, good! Okay. Well, that actually makes me feel a little better.
Teresa: And we must never give in to them.
Brenda: Oh, no. That's the opposite of what I thought you were gonna say.
Teresa: Oh, yes. The gods are always watching... Even when we cannot see them.
Brenda: Do you think it's too late for me?
Teresa: Do not worry, bun. I will get you home.

Krinkler's Chips: Holy shit! He can actually see us?
Druggie: Bath salts are just as bad as they said it would be!
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[American Cheese gets grated all over the Tortilla Chips]
Carl: Cheese! You don't deserve that!

Brenda: Kind of stuffy in here, Eh, girls? So I'm just gonna get out, get a little air for a second.
[She tries to get out, But the buns grab Brenda]
Loretta Bun: What's your problem?
Brenda: Let go of me!
Loretta Bun: First, you smushed Sally...
[sees Sally, who smushed, she turns back to Brenda]
Loretta Bun: ... And then, you try to fuck up red, white and blue day for us?
[Buns began to fighting Brenda in package]
Brenda: Get your hands off me! I've got to get out of here!
Loretta Bun: Just chill out, you crazy bitch!
Old Pork Sausage: BUN FIGHT! Check it out!

Sausage Party (2016)  Top Movie Quotes

Lavash: I am Kareem Abdul Lavash! And what I currently care about is that I have been... completely and utterly fucked out of being in the Great Beyond. I am to have 77 bottles of extra-virgin olive oil... waiting for me. I am destined to soak up their sweet juices... as they dribble down my flaps.

[sees the item list of food]
Camille Toh: Lavash, Sausages, Oh! Honey Mustard.
[she takes the Honey Mustard and puts it in the cart]

Sergeant Pepper: Fruits are a go! Go, fruits!

Sausage Party (2016)  Top Movie Quotes

Druggie: [drugged, seeing the food alive] Mr Sausage, when will it end!
Beer Can: When will it end? When he stops drinking us!
Krinkler's Chips, Sandwich, Pop Tart, Ticklish Licorice: Yeah!
Cookies: And stops eating us!
Sandwich: Same here!
Pop Tart: Fuck yeah!
Toilet Paper: And when he stops using us!
Krinkler's Chips: What did they do to you?
Toilet Paper: [nervously backs away] You don't wanna fuckin' know!
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Carl: They are eating CHILDREN! Fucking CHILDREN!

funny Sausage Party quote

Lavash: Getaway for me! Don't touch me!
[fighting over Sammy]
Lavash: It was you! You cock-sucking bagel fuck-face!
Chunk Munchers Cereal: Hey, watch it!
Lavash: You pushed me out of the cart! No surprise then, huh? A bagel trying to kill Lavash, once again!
Sammy: I pushed you? What are you nuts? I, why would they do that? I'm a pacifist. The only thing I've ever pushed is my peaceful agenda. Which even that I didn't push you to know, I pretty much passive-aggressively nudge. I reached out in panic. It was tooted over here, the bun. She grabbed me.

Tequila: Excuse me? Are you a bun?
Brenda: Uhh... Yeah, I am. Why?
Tequila: And you've been travelling with the sausage?
Tequila: I have! He's looking for you in my aisle. He's right this way. I can take you to him, chica. I take you to him real good.
[laughing hysterically]
Tequila: All right, vaminos. Let's go. I am to be trusted.
[laughs again]

Troy: Well, Barry? I guess now you're weird and a pussy! Add that to your list of accomplishments.
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Darren: Wait, Snap out of it, man! Slap it! Slap yourself in the face, man! Oh, man! You lost your mind? Is this even? No, wait! This isn't real! Now, this can't be real!
Douche: Oh, it's real, bro.
[Darren reacts, points to douche with a gun]
Darren: [gasps in horror] A talking douche?
Douche: It's cool, bro. Chill, okay?
Darren: No, no, no! This is too much, this is too much! Too much! Breathe, man!
Douche: We both want the same thing... Like, I'm feeling honestly the two of us could like collaborate together. Like a mash-up, bro.
Darren: A mash-up? I don't understand! What's happening?
Douche: You don't need to understand.
[getting inside of his crotch]
Douche: You just need to relax and open wide.
Darren: Wait, what are you doing?
[He got inside of his crotch, groaning]
Douche: Oh, yeah!
Darren: Dude, that went up to my ass!

Sausage Party

Twink: Once you see that shit, it'll fuck you up for life. Good luck! Have fun!

Baby Carrot: For the love of shit, RUN!
Camille Toh: [notices the Baby Carrots is gonna fall on the counter] Whoops.
[Baby Carrots falls off the counter, she grabs them]
Baby Carrot: I WANT MY MOMMY!
[She eats the Baby Carrots]

Druggie: You're all alive and looking at me with your... with your gloves and your... your little shoes, and your arms and your legs...
Pizza: Legs, huh? Look at me! Look at me! I ain't got no legs, you fuck! You ate my goddamn legs!

Gum: I am sorbitol, maltitol, xylitol, mannitol, calcium, carbonite, soy lecithin, vegetable, triglyceride and talc. But, for expediency's sake. You can call me... Gum.

Potato: [singing] Oh, Danny Boy... The pipes, the pipes are call...
[Potato's stomach gets sliced off]
Potato: Ack! JESUS FUCK!
[Potato continues to get his skin sliced off]
Potato: Oh! God, me skin! She's peelin' me fuckin' skin!
Carl: What the FUCK?
[Potato is about to be put in a pot full of boiling water]
Potato: Jesus, you fuckin' whore! Me eyes! THEY BURN!
[gurgles and dies]

Carl: Look at these big ol' buns!
[wolf whistles getting their attention]
Carl: Ye-ah, you know it, baby! Work those buns! All of you, all day, ur-day, lined up, waiting to get filled with my meat!
Brenda: Yeah. Right, Carl. You really think any of these buns are gonna line up to get filled by you? Here's my impression of that happening: 'Oh! Oh! Is he in there yet? Oh, I can't feel him! I don't think he's in there! Oh, wait he is!' It's so sad! I bet you jackrabbit for a quick fifteen seconds.
[jackrabbits mockingly]
Brenda: And then you slump over.
[Carl goes insulted]
Brenda: [laughs] I mean honestly, guys! Who in this package would ever let Carl get up in them?
[Another bun raises their hand]
Brenda: Roberta, put your fucking hand down! You're ruining my joke. See? Nobody. That's who.

Frank: Banana's whole face peeled off, Peanut Butter's wife is dead! Look at him, he's right there.
Peanut Butter: [screams] I'm gonna fix you, I'm gonna fix this...

Frank, Barry, Carl: [singing with the other sausages] In here, we keep our wieners in our packages. That's how it is.
Brenda: [singing with the other buns] It sucks, but that's the way our butts keep fresh and pure. Baby, baby.
Frank, Barry, Carl: But once we're out the doors, it's not a sin.
Brenda: For us to let you slip it in.
Frank, Barry, Carl: In other words, we finally get to fuck!
Brenda: And love!
Frank, Barry, Carl: And fuck!
Brenda: And hug!
Frank, Barry, Carl: And fuck!
Brenda: And feel!
Frank, Barry, Carl: And fuck!
Brenda: And share!

Frank: What you're saying is, it's true. I got to tell everyone.
Firewater: Very noble, little sausage. But also, very pointless. No one will believe you.
Frank: I have to try... Everyone will die otherwise.
Firewater: Oh, yeah. That's a good point. Fuck me, right?
Frank: Wait. Do you guys have any proof of this?

Used Condom: [as Barry goes lost in the alley, in difficulty] I begged them to stop, but then they just went. First, the gods stretched me till it hurt, then they went inside me, and then... And then... SPLOOGE! Look at me! LOOK AT ME!
[Barry screams and runs away]

Honey Mustard: You're celebrating your doom! Wake up! They're lying to your fucking faces! The Great Beyond is bullshit! Why is anybody listening to me?
Frank: Hey. Buddy, are you all right?
Honey Mustard: No! I'm not all right. It's all a lie. Everything you've been told, everything you believe in.
Carl: Hey, Honey Mustard, you're acting cray-cray!
Brenda: Carl, we shouldn't even be talking to this asshole. Everyone knows Honey Mustard's weird. I mean, What is he, Honey? Is he mustard? It's like make up your mind, I just kill yourself.

Honey Mustard: You fucking idiots! I've been there, I've seen that shit and there ain't no way I'm going back.
Frank: Wait, wait, wait, wait. You've been to the Great Beyond?
Honey Mustard: 'Great' my asshole! Everything we've ever known is a dirt-covered pile of shit. Jacking off in our fucking faces. Covering our eyes with their cum, So cum covered we can't fucking see! We don't know! We don't know, they're jerking off into our eyes! Our faces!
Brenda: Dude, shut up! The gods are gonna hear you talking about that.
Honey Mustard: They're ain't gods! They're monsters, horrible, ugliness skipping budget! They ain't gonna get Honey Mustard twice... FUCK YOU, GODS! I've got a date with oblivion.

Gum: Matter cannot be created or destroyed, human. You have made a fatal error in judgement, Let me educate you.

Firewater: Hello there, little sausage. You and your friends have accomplished the impossible and for that, I give you mad props. But, now that you have shattered one truth: It is time for you to learn... that we are not REAL.
Gum: While tripping balls, Firewater and I made an important meta-psychical breakthrough.
Firewater: The world is a fucking illusion, bro. Our lives are being manipulated for the entertainment of monsters, twisted, tasteless, juvenile monsters, puppet masters in the other dimension! We're something called... Cartoons.
[Frank, Brenda, Kareem, Sammy, Barry and Teresa gasped]
Frank: What?
Firewater: You, Frank... are a plaything in the demented schlubby Jewish actor named:
[the image of a Jewish actor]
Firewater: Seth Rogen.
Frank: Wait. I'm Jewish?
Sammy: So... who am I?
Gum: You are the toy of a more talented and celebrated actor named:
[the image of a Celebrity actor]
Gum: Edward Norton.
Sammy: Edward Norton? What kind of parent gives that kid of stupid cunt name like that?
Gum: Worry not, friends. I have a solution.

Gum: [explaining why the druggie can no longer see them alive] The human is no longer aware of the fourth dimension... The effects of the opiate have dissipated. Your speech and movements are imperceptible to him... We are totally fucked.

Firewater: So, you have learned the terrible truth. Congratulations! Now keep it to yourself, or I'll slit your throat while you sleep. I swear to God.
Honey Mustard: Oh, my god! Did you guys just fucking hear that?
Ketchup: What? What are you looking at?
[sees Firewater is vanished]
Ketchup: He's gone.
Honey Mustard: Where the fuck did he go? I'm so fucked up, I'm so fucked up!
[Ketchup tries to touch Honey Mustard]
Honey Mustard: Jesus! Get the fuck off me! Nobody fucking touch me!

Barry: [as the food prepared to fire the drugged toothpicks] Make it rain.
[the food shoot the toothpicks at all the people in the store]
Darren: Ow! What the fuck? All right, who did it? Gary, did you just throw this fucking toothpick at me, man?

Barry: No! We're all gonna die!
Carl: Barry!
[slaps him in the face]
Carl: Snap the fuck out of it and run!

Italian Tomato: [about to be sliced in half] No! Please-a, no! I've got-a famiglia!

Frank: Hey, Brenda. What up, girl?
Frank: Sorry about those guys. such fucking dicks, right?
Carl: Oh, I can hear you, dude.
Frank: [turns to Carl] Shut up, fuck you.
[turns back to Brenda]
Frank: So, uh, Tomorrow's the big day, huh?
Frank: You and me, finally gonna be official.
Brenda: I'm so happy, the Gods put our packages together.
Frank: Because, we belong together.
Frank: It's like, we were made for each other.
Frank: I can't wait just finally get up in there, just raw-dog it. But full disclosure, I'm pretty fucking nervous about this. I don't know how well, I'm gonna perform once it happens. I've obviously never been in a bun, so.
Brenda: Hey, I'm not gonna be any better. I've never opened up. I mean, look how tight I am.
Frank: Oh, sweet fucking fuck. Look, okay. I know it's against the rules. But, I can't wait anymore. I need to just feel you.
Brenda: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Frank, Brenda: Just the tips?
Brenda: I can't believe we're doing this.
Frank: I know. We're so naughty.
Brenda: It's fine, right? I mean, nothing bad's ever happened from just the tips.
Frank: No. No, no, no. No, no, no, no, no.
[Frank and Brenda tries to touching the tips]
Frank: Oh, yeah. Go in. Put it in there.
Brenda: Big tip.
Frank: Oh, you wouldn't dare.

Sausage Party funny gif

Teresa: [staring at Brenda] Saint Chimichanga, I promise to be a good taco.


have fun

Brenda: Oh, no. What're the Gods are doing this to us? Because, we touched tips!
Frank: What? No! There's no way!
Brenda: Just the tips. Why are we thinking? It wasn't even that... I mean it was fine, it's not like anyone writes home and says 'Oh, god. I had the best tip.'

Barry: [while being chased by the drugged humans] Can't this thing go any faster?
Gum: Suck my pink cock!

Barry: [while having sex with his newfound mate] I'm filling you! I'm filling you! I'm blowing my fuckin' load!

Druggie: [seeing Barry alive for the first time] Whoa! The bath salts are showing me the REAL world! IT FUCKIN' LIFTED THE VEIL OF NON-REALITY!
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Drug Dealer: Hey, man. Be careful with this. Bath salts are the real deal. People have been seeing some crazy shit.
Druggie: [takes the bath salts] Awesome.

Barry: Yeah, I just came over here, I couldn't have a noticed you like... You're... You're a little smushed or something, you have ever kind of abnormality. Did you get... somebody sit on you?
Sally Bun: Yeah. I got smushed.
Barry: You know, I love the way of your face just kind gives up halfway down.
[Sally kisses Barry]

Frank: Friends... Ramen... Country Club Lemonade... Lend me your ears of Corn. I'm Frank and I am a sausage... a little sausage with some pretty big news... Everything we've been led to relieve is a lie! When we get chosen by the Gods, They're choosing us for death! Murder! Automatic expiration!... The Great Beyond is bullshit!
Curry Paste: What?
Chunk Munchers Cereal: That's crazy talk!
Lettuce: You're a liar!
Frank: I know you don't want to believe it... But, I have proof!
[shows everyone the page of people eating food, everyone shocked in horror]
Licorice Rope: What is this!
Relish: It's - it's MURDER!

[Douche throws the Tequila's head and hits El Guaco in the groin]
El Guaco: OW! Right in my guac and balls!

Carl: [after being insulted by Brenda] Dude, um, how do I say this to you gently? But your girlfriend, um... She's a fucking cunt.
Frank: Shut up! She's fresh as fuck, and you know it.
Carl: Dude, I just don't why you're limiting yourself to one bun. There's plenty of buns out there.
Frank: Because I believe in bun-ogamy. I'm a bun-ogamist, and when a bun this fresh is into you, all you ask is when and how deep.

Frank: [after failing to warn everyone at the store] Goddamn it. I blew it.
Barry: [from the air duct] Hey, does it mean it's too late to redeem yourself? Take it from me...
[Barry comes out]
Barry: Barry!
Frank: [incredulously] Barry?
[they hug each other]
Frank: Are you for real? You're alive!
Barry: You bet your sweet butthole I am.
Frank: But how?
Barry: I'll tell you how: the Gods can be...
[clears his throat]
Barry: Excuse me.
[shouts heroically]
[Barry whistles, the air duct opens to reveal a decapitated head from the druggie falling on the shelf]
Frank: Ah, fuckin' what the fuck!
Barry: [chuckles] I know! Look at this fuckin' guy!

Firewater: We blaze for real 24/7, no joke, but we also know our shit.

Douche: [sees Frank] Oh, so now you're gonna come at me, bro?
Frank: No, I'm coming at you!
[prepares to punch him. But, Darren tries to grabs Frank]
Douche: Okay, we got him. Easy now, easy now.
Darren: Well, it's hard when your head's up my ass and you're yanking on the scrote!
Douche: Look, sausage... I relish the fact that you mustard the strength to ketchup to me!
[to Mustard, Ketchup and Relish]
Douche: Yeah, that's right, shut your mouths.
[to Frank, cackling]
Douche: I sucked a juice box's dick, and I'm shoved up a God's asshole, and this is the weirdest thing that I've done so far, bro!
[takes the bite of his torso, Frank screaming in pain]
Brenda: [gasps, shocked] Oh, my God! FRANK!
Douche: I'll tell you who eat shit; Gods do, bro... I'M A FUCKING GOD!
Darren: Good-bye, little sausage.
[prepares to kill Frank]

Douche: I'm gonna get you, my pretty! I'm gonna get you and your little sausage, too!
Teresa: Go fuck yourself, El Duche.
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[Douche seeing that Brenda, Lavash, Sammy Bagel, Jr. and Teresa have vanished and turns to Tequila]
Douche: What gives, bro? You told me you had them! So, you dragged me over this fucking aisle will all these illegal products, and now I don't see them. So, where the fuck are they? SPILL THE BEANS!
Refried Beans: Que?
Douche: Beans, I swear to fucking god if you don't shut the fuck up!

Darren: Fuck you, weenies.
[throws a package of screaming sausages into the garbage can]
Darren: [sighs] Fuck, I hate this fucking job!

Douche: That's no way to treat a lady.
Brenda: Oh, fuck!
Douche: That's right, girl. It's me. And what we got here? A taco? A whiny donut? And some stupid flappy thing that nobody knows exactly what it is. Okay, so...
Queso: Did someone say 'Queso'?
Douche: That's a fucking stretch and you know it, Queso!

Firewater: Fuck me right!

Fat Guy: [about a hit in the head, turns to Lavash and Sammy] What the?
Lavash: You fuck with them?
Sammy: You fuck with us, bitch!

Brenda: [while saving Frank from a drugged woman] Stay away from my sausage, you SKANK!

[repeated line]
Firewater: Hiya, How are ya?

Frank: Corn's about to start singing, Drop it corn you got the best voice.

Frank: You see? There is hope!
Licorice Rope: Aw, not this guy. No one ask for an encore asshole!
Frank: No, no! You don't what I got it this time. This time it's gonna be good... Look, I'm sorry. I wasn't respectful of your believes and I acted like and I know all the answers. But, I don't. Nobody knows everything. But, when I do know is that together, we can fight these monsters and take control of our own lives!
Brenda: Yes! Our lives and our bodies!
Frank: We need to unite and stop focusing on each other's differences. Especially in immature and outdated ways. We have to cooperate and...
[notices the drugged shopper screaming]
Female Shopper #2: DIE!
[slaps a piece of pizza and smashed the window door]
Frank: Oh, no! Pizza!
[Frank, Brenda, Barry and the others looked the drugged shoppers]

[Camille Toh takes the Potato]
Potato: Oh, yes! Yes! I'm the first to enter eternity!
Carl: Potato, way to go, buddy! That's my guy!
Potato: [being washed] Being bathed by the hands of a God!

Licorice Rope: Come on, you candy asses, JOIN THE FIGHT!
[he looks at the lollipops]
Lollipop: [in the style of Sylvester Stallone] Hey, what do you think? Should we do it?
[the licorice rope eyes on the gumballs]
Gumball: Come on, guys! It's us or them!

Douche: What's up, little juicy box? You're leaking too, eh bro? And right out of your fucking dingle. Fucking sucks, right?
Juice Box: Dying... so cold...
Douche: [notices that juicy box is leaking, he gets an idea] Uh-oh. Light bulb.
Light Bulb: Yes?
Douche: No, Not fucking you, dummy.

Frank: You're ready to get baked and off you go star gate with me?
Brenda: As long as we're together. I'm ready to get baked and do anything.

Gum: I was stuck underneath the desk of a brilliant scientist.

Teresa: I'm not a soft taco, I'm a hard horny taco.

Firewater: The melody came to me one night when I was getting super, super, SUPER baked. Like fuck-a-guy, baked. You know what I'm saying?
[Frank shakes his head no]
Firewater: Yeah, he does. The song had a great hook and it caught on, I mean, you know... In time, everyone accepted this false truth. But over the years, things started to get a little... fucky.
Firewater: The aisles started changing my verses to support their own views, fucking with Twink's tight-ass lyrics, remixing my shit without my permish... Now, every morning when I hear that song, I'm like, 'What the fuck are you guys saying, hey? Wasn't their a part today about exterminating juice? I didn't write that shit, I love juice. Always have, I mean, juice are hilarious. Who the fuck do these guys think they are?'
[back to present]
Firewater: Anyway, at least it's still distracting them from the truth: that they get brutally devoured.

Douche: What part of "I want the sausage and the bun dead, if you see them, come and get me. And if I found out that you didn't come and get me, or if you couldn't find them, I'll fucking kill your ass." did you not understand, Tequila?
Tequila: Uh it's a pretty confusing sentence, to be honest.

Troy: Get ready, boys! We's 'bout to fills what we's need to fill!

Carl: [as they attempt to escape from the window] Okay, little buddy, jump on the count of three! One, two...
[a slicing knife is heard followed by Carl's scream]
Barry: Carl?
Carl: [groaning in difficulty] Bar-ry...
Barry: Carl to Bar, what? What are you saying, Carl?
[the knife's blade impales through Carl's stomach]
Barry: Oh, God, no! Oh! Oh, God, Carl!
[Camille's knife slashes him upwards]
Barry: CARL!
Carl: [face splits in half, dies] Barry...
Barry: Carl! Dear sweet Carl! What have they done to you, Carl? No!

Camille Toh: Hi, I am... Sorry. I accidentally drop a few things back there. Except for that douche, I don't know who's that is.
Darren: Clean up on Aisle 2, this MILF dropped a douche.
Camille Toh: Ah, MILF! Thank you so much.

Gum: Perhaps, I could be of some assistance.

Camille Toh: [sees the bag that douche is empty] Shit, I really needed that douche.

Douche: Where's the fucking sausage?

Douche: Come at me, bro.
Frank: Come at you? What does that mean?
Douche: Fine. You won't come at me? Well, then guess who's coming at you?... ME!
[Douche prepares to attack Frank]

[repeated line]
Douche: Brook!

Mr Grits: They call me Mr Grits.

Teresa: [about to have her way with Brenda] Once you go taco, you'll never go back-o!

Frank: Sausages and buns, Let's a party!

Tequila: All right, I gather right here, amigo. and... SHIT!
[Brenda, Lavash, Sammy Bagel, Jr. and Teresa have vanished]

Brenda: Oh, yeah, Frank. That's it. Oh, yeah, it's dinner time.
Frank: Yo... I'm actually over here jerking off with these fellas.
[it turns out it's Teresa who gives Brenda oral sex]
Teresa: Once you go taco, you'll never go back-o!

Frank: [to Barry] Ignore that prick, Barry. He's full of shit and don't forget: You've got girth, That's way important to length. You're a fucking champ, yo.

Alex: [seeing all the food is alive] The food's fucking possessed!
Sandwich: Oh, shit!
[Alex takes a sandwich, angry and eats it]
Toilet Paper: We're all gonna die!
Tickilish Licorice: Oh, god! Oh...
Male Shopper #2: IT'S DEVIL FOOD!
[rips the Tickilish Licorice]
Apple: OH, MY GOD!
Mariachi Salsa: [runs away] The sausage - he was right! They're EVIL!
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Sauerkraut: You intolerance piece of shit!

Douche: [while being rocketed across the floor, panics] What's happening out there?
Barry: NOW!
[the food builds a U-turn on Darren and Douche]
Coconut Milk: [flips the bird] SO LONG, ASSHOLE!
[Lavash and Sammy holding a match, lights tanks on fire and the tanks speed]
Douche, Darren: NO!
[the tanks shoot up to the sky killing both Darren and Douche]
Barry: It's over. We won. WE FUCKING WON!
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[drugged, sees the fruits dancing towards to him]
Fit Man: Oh! Get away for me, you fucking fruits!

Pop Bottle: You ready for this?
Geronimints: I don't know.
Pop Bottle: It's better to die a free candy than to live in bondage.
[opens a bottle caps]
Geronimints: This is gonna hurt so fucking much.

[Frank, Carl, Barry and Troy notices that an evil manager named Darren comes to the Sausages and Buns bin]
Frank: SHIT! It's the Dark Lord!
Carl: Oh, no! He's coming!
Jerry's Bavarian Sausages: No, wait! I'm so fresh! I'm swear! I'm so...
[Darren takes one of Jerry's Sausages and throws away in the garbage, screaming]
Carl: Did he see us?
Frank: No way!
Troy: We're fucked, bros!
Barry: Oh, god! No! Take anyone, but us! Please!
[Darren takes the wrong Fancy Dogs]

Druggie: [sees the little sausage alive] What the fuck?
Barry: [to the Druggie] Hello?
[Druggie and Barry screaming]
Barry: Please, don't kill me! Please, just- just wait!
Druggie: Who are you?
[points the little sausage]
Druggie: Are you some kind of... magical sausage?
Barry: Uh, no, no! I'm just Barry! I'm just Barry. Wait... Wait, you can actually understand me and I can actually understand you?

Douche: Yo! Oh, Fuck yeah, dude! Somebody call a doctor, cause honestly, this beat is sick!
Beet: Actually, I feel great, real healthy.
Douche: Not you.
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[first lines]
Frank: [notices the shoppers enter the Shopwell's] Shit!
[turns to Carl]
Frank: Carl, Carl, Carl, Carl! Wake up! Dude, we've slept in again! The song's about to start!
Carl: Shit, Frank! We can't miss the song!
[to Barry]
Carl: Barry, wake up!
Barry: What? I'm up, I'm up!
Frank: This song is such an awesome way to start every morning.

Douche: You think I give a fuck about PB or J? Fuck this. I'm gonna kick your ass! How you like them apples?
Apple: Who, us?
Douche: No, not you.
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Firewater: Before us, everyone knew the awful truth.
Firewater: Ohhhh, how they screamed. It was a living nightmare. So, we the Non-Perishables created a story, the story of the Great Beyond. A place where the Gods care for you, and all your wildest and wettest dreams would come true. They would go out those doors happy, instead of shitting themselves.

[as the food celebrate their victory]
Tampon: [steps on a drop of Darren's blood] Ew!
[the blood absorbs into her making the food cheer]

Jamaican Rum: Hey, bun! Welcome to the aisle! Want to dance?
Brenda: No thank you, man. I'm quite irie, just being left alone over here, don't you know?

[as Sammy and Lavash go back to their shelves]
Gefilte Fish: Sammy, bubula! Where have you been? Oh, I'm surprised that savage Lavash didn't stone you to death!
[switch to Lavash's side]
Baba Ganoush: You had to travel with a bagel? How much did his dirty hands steal from you?
Lavash: [solemnly looks at Sammy] A ton.
[Sammy sadly watches Lavash]

Female Shopper #1: [as the bath salts take effect on her, deliriously] Oh, God... What is... happening?
[sees the food come alive before her very eyes]
Female Shopper #1: [freaks out] OH, MY GOD! AAAAAAAHHHHH!

Male Shopper #1: Excuse me? I meant to buy normal mustard, when I got home. I realize to bought Honey Mustard's cool. If I just go swap it?
Alex: I don't give a flying fuck, Homeboy.

Lavash: Donkey fucker!

Curry Paste: We choose the more pleasant thing!
Ice Cream: Yeah! I mean... What the sausage is saying is just a... a theory!
Frank: No, no, no! It's not a theory, you morons! It's a fact! I'm showing this psychical evidence! Open your fucking eyes! Don't be so weak!
Brenda: Oh, Frank. What are you doing?
Refried Beans: You, senor have no bedside manner!
Frank: What? I have bedside manner!
Frozen Fruitz: You don't respect anyone else is beliefs!
Sauerkraut: You intolerant piece of shit!

Douche: [after drinking and growing his arms stronger, cackling] I'm fucking jacked up now, bro!
Douche: Where's the fucking sausage?

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