Missing Link (2019) Movie Quotes and Trailer

Missing Link (2019) Movie Quotes and Trailer

Missing Link
The charismatic Sir Lionel Frost considers himself to be the world's foremost investigator of myths and monsters. The trouble is none of his small-minded high-society peers seems to recognize this. Sir Lionel's last chance for acceptance by the adventuring elite rests on traveling to America's Pacific Northwest to prove the existence of a legendary creature. A living remnant of Man's primitive ancestry. The Missing Link.
Meet Mr. Link: 8 feet tall, 630 lbs, and covered in fur, but don’t let his appearance fool you… he is funny, sweet, and adorably literal, making him the world’s most lovable legend. Tired of living a solitary life in the Pacific Northwest, Mr. Link recruits fearless explorer Sir Lionel Frost to guide him on a journey to find his long-lost relatives in the fabled valley of Shangri-La. Along with adventurer Adelina Fortnight, our fearless trio of explorers encounter more than their fair share of peril as they travel to the far reaches of the world to help their new friend.

Stars: Hugh Jackman, Zach Galifianakis, Zoe Saldana

Mr. Link: Your utopia sucks!

Mr. Link: [Mr. Link and Sir Lionel sit opposite each other on a train] This, uh, feels a little confined. Is it hot in here? It feels hot in here. Oh, I can't breathe.
Sir Lionel Frost: By all means, feel free to crack open a wind...
Mr. Link: [Mr. Link punches a hole in the window] Oh, that's much better.

Mr. Link: I, uh, wanted to say thank you. For what you said back there.

Sir Lionel Frost: Don't mention it.

Mr. Link: Okay.

Sir Lionel Frost: Do you always answer with a question?

The Elder: I don't know... do I?

Stenk: [Stenk stands over Lionel, who is dangling from a ledge] This ain't about the pay-check anymore, just good old-fashioned, self-centered pride.

Lord Piggot-Duncan: Well, you know what they say pride comes before.

Stenk: Wait a minute, I know this.
[Sir Lionel pulls Stenk off the ledge]

Mr. Link: You, sir, are a bad man.

Sir Lionel Frost: You can speak. How can you speak?

Sir Lionel Frost: Woof.

Sir Lionel Frost: How do you speak English so well?

The Elder: How do you speak English so well?

Sir Lionel Frost: Well...

The Elder: How do you know I'm not speaking Yeti?

Adelina Fortnight: You are a great man, but I deserve greater.

Sir Lionel Frost: And what did you see?

Adelina Fortnight: I saw proof.

Mr. Link: Did we have to take his clothes?

Sir Lionel Frost: Of course. We can't have you wondering about naked.

Mr. Link: I know but... even his underwear? I mean, I turned them inside out but it's still a little weird.

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