Smallfoot (2018) Trailer and Best Quotes

Smallfoot (2018) Trailer and Best Quotes

A yeti named Migo is convinced that a human known only as "Small Foot" is real and has to prove to his tribe that it does exist with the help of Meechee and the S.E.S - Smallfoot Evidentiary Society. Written by Mark Mason Robledo
Starred: Channing Tatum, James Corden, Zendaya

Best Quotes

from trailer

Migo: The world is a mysterious place. There are marvels of nature just waiting to be discovered by those who are daring enough to look. Marvels like, the creature I had only heard existed in legend.
Migo: [roars]
Migo: Mythical monster, straight out of your worst nightmares, with wild eyes, and a hideous face, and feet that were amazingly freakishly... SMALL!
[Yetis clutch in fear]
Migo: It's a terrifying creature, with perfect white teeth, and breath that just smells all minty fresh,
[child yetis looks in disgust]
Migo: and the only hair it has on it's entire body is on the TOP OF HIS HEAD!
[child yeti faints]
Kolka: Stop it Migo, you're scaring them.
Migo: Hey, don't be scared, it's just a story, everyone knows that the Smallfoot isn't real.
[Yetis breathe in relief]
Gwangi: Or is it?
[Gwangi take out a small boots, the yetis anxiously run away]
Migo: Oh, that's nice, real nice, way to scar them for life.
Gwangi: [laughs]

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